Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Intellectually Lazy Deficit Polls Part One Billion

CBS News released results from a recent poll this morning about people's thoughts about sequestration, and unsurprisingly, it reflects the consistent intellectual laziness of deficit-related polls.
CBS News asked respondents about how they thought the government should reduce the deficit/replace budget sequestration.  What do we learn?  Why, the public wants to "raise taxes" and "cut federal spending."  Cuts to which programs, you ask?  CBS News does not care.  Tax increases on whom or on what, you ask?  CBS News does not care either.  
The public, according to CBS News, does not just want a mix of "tax increases" and "spending cuts," but it also wants "compromise" from both parties.  CBS News asked the following question:
In the current discussions over tax increases and spending cuts, which do you think [President Obama and the Democrats in Congress // the Republicans in Congress] should do--compromise some of their positions in order to come to an agreement, or stick to their position even if it means not coming to an agreement?
Does CBS News inform its survey respondents of what these positions are?  Does it acknowledge that the position of the President differs from that of the Congressional Democratic leadership, which differs from that of the House Progressive Caucus?  Of course not, that would risk moving the conversation away from centrist platitudes.
Just last week, Business Insider found that even Republicans supported the Progressive Caucus's plans, especially when compared to those of the Senate Democrats and the Republicans.  So, in other words, people want both parties to "compromise" on a position to the left of the Democratic leadership, demonstrating why American politics are a mess yet again.

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