Thursday, March 28, 2013

If we "redefine" marriage...

First, we define the definition of marriage, then what will happen to the institution of marriage? Next, we'll start seeing....

**shows in which women compete in a beauty pageant in order to marry a multi-millionaire (and divorce a month later), or

**shows where women compete to marry a man who they think is a millionaire (But secretly isn't!), or

**the White House intern that gave a blow job to an ex-President will host a reality dating show in which men wear masks and compete for a woman's affection (to see if love is truly blind!), or

**we'll have a show that throws couples onto an island, breaks them apart, and sends them off with attractive singles to see if they will all cheat on each other (Spoiler: They all do), or

**we'll have a show where you (yes, you, home viewer!) can vote via phone to decide who gets married.

Oh, wait, those all already happened....

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