Friday, January 16, 2015

Tony Blair at the GOP Summit: Partying Like It's 2003

Yesterday, former UK Labour Party Prime Minister, George W. Bush's poodle, co-architect of the Iraq War, and friend of repressive dictators everywhere spoke at the GOP retreat in Hershey, PA.

I have often argued that Labour will not truly recover as a party until they have a purge of all Blairites. This further justifies that belief. I would love to hear what Labour Party MPs have to say about Tony Blair's latest speaking engagement. Will he be speaking at the UK Independence Party conference next?

When you bring Blair back together with the Republicans, it's time to party like it's 2003:
Tony Blair has called for a US-led effort to confront the “substantial minority” of Muslims who support terrorism, during a meeting with top Republicans that reunited the former British prime minister with hawks in the party who believe the White House response to recent attacks has been too limited.

According to a source present at a closed-door strategy session attended by nearly 300 Republican senators and congressmen, the former prime minister argued that force would be needed in what he called a “generational” struggle, but more important would be a “global alliance to teach tolerance” as millions of people in the Muslim world are systematically being taught to be intolerant.

Blair, who was introduced by Senator John McCain, also reportedly argued that radical Islam and the terrorism associated with it had not been contained; that countries in the west “didn’t cause it but were caught up in it”; that it was neither isolated nor insignificant and that while the majority of Muslims opposed it, “a substantial and not a fringe minority” supported it.

But he concluded that America would have to play a leading role in what he thought would be a “generational” struggle and urged the Republicans present not to disengage and to rise to the task and recognise it was “our problem as well as theirs”.
Tony Blair, the co-architect of an aggressive, groundless war that caused hundreds of thousands of casualties--not to mention a legacy of birth defects and cancer as well as the creation of a failed state that gave rise to ISIS--has a lot of chutzpah to accuse other people of violent tendencies.

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