Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thinking about the 1930s...

I ended up thinking about a few different connections to the 1930s.  Maybe I was inspired by this good article on Eleanor Roosevelt on Truth-Out, or it could be the tendency of my mind to wander in search of historical parallels.

Anyway, some quick thoughts:

(1) Quick primer on the difference between American and European politics: The far right in Europe wants to return to the late 1930s. The far right in the US would like to erase the late 1930s from history.

(2)  If you are a president who gets called a capitalist lackey by detractors on the Left (who likely will vote for you anyway) and called a fascist, socialist, and communist (at the same time!) by detractors on the Right and you've won a majority vote in multiple elections, then you could be either FDR or Barack Obama.  Here's to hoping for policy innovation and stronger social spending--and not another world war!

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