Sunday, December 9, 2012

Important Questions: Pop Culture Edition

Musing of the day: In Full House, the Tanner family house is so large that Jesse, Becky, and their two sons can comfortably live upstairs, Joey can comfortably live in the basement, and the Tanner girls can all have fairly large rooms (even if two have to share one of the large rooms). The downstairs of the house is also quite spacious. They live in San Francisco, which is (next to New York City) the most expensive city in the country. Neither Jesse nor Joey seems to bring that much money to the house (at least in the beginning) although Becky may contribute later. Regardless, how much would a house like that cost in actuality, and how the heck do they afford it?
Yes, this house in the city withe some of the largest property values in the country fits all of these people (minus Kimmy and DJ's boyfriend, but still....).
[Photo from website]

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