Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Detroit Free Press Explains Why Rick Snyder is a Horrible Governor...and Then Endorses Him

Last year, the Newark Star-Ledger wrote one of the most nonsensical endorsement editorials I have ever read. They called Chris Christie "overrated" and "fraudulent" and said that his policies are and will continue to be destructive to the environment and low-income families. And then they said he should be re-elected because Barbara Buono is too close to the unions and not close enough with the party bosses.

However, the Detroit Free Press may have one-upped the Star-Ledger with its endorsement of Rick Snyder for re-election.

I break it down over at the Daily Kos.

The takeaway?

Rick Snyder might be bad for schools, bad for women, bad for the environment, bad for the LGBT community, bad for democracy, and bad for low and middle-income families, but at least he doesn't like unions.

That's editorial boards for you. 

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