Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Few things inspire a hearty laugh in the way that a great typo can.  On Salon right now, an article reposted from the Next New Deal website has the headline "Christie vs. Cuomo: Tickle-down vs. middle-out economics."

Now, I've never really been fond of the Obama "middle-out" mantra that was prominent during the campaign.  For one, it has an inherent awkwardness to it, and it also seems to ignore any obligation to focus on poverty (making an implicit claim that a strong middle-class---however so defined--will fix poverty on its own).

I do, however, like "tickle-down."  Honestly, I don't know what "tickle-down" economics would be, and I'm  not sure if I really want to.  It seems rather oppressive and hardly appropriate.

Post-Script:  Unfortunately, Salon has just changed it on their website.  "Tickle-down" economics, if it can be made into an actual concept, will come back again--just as every other bad idea does.

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